Interview George Sandru

1. How long have you been working in Scheveningen Office?

I have now almost 7 months since I am with IPS, I started working here since June 13th, and regarding that superstition with 13th bringing bad luck, I do think that for me was actually a lucky day.

2. What do you do for iPS | Nautech? Explain your job.

I am working as a recruiter for the Survey department, and because it´s still quite a new department, I do enjoy the challenges that I encounter especially because the reward it´s bigger from my point of view. It´s all about putting the first bricks, growing the network and bringing exceptional personnel on board.

3. What are the biggest differences between The Netherlands & Romania? What surprised you the most?

I don´t actually see it like differences, because we are all humans and basically we have the same needs. I think that it´s all about the balance that we have in the positive versus the negative things, and I can totally say that the positive things are winning here, after all this years of living in the Netherlands.

4. What do you miss the most about Romania?

To be honest in the moment I moved here, I knew that I will not go back, so based on this, I can say I only miss my family. The beautiful things that I had in my country, like certain types of food, or some traditions I brought them with me.

5. Was it hard to integrate?

Integration, it´s a continuous process, because it´s not only about being a part of Dutch society, speaking the language or working and living here, it´s also about leaving things in the past. I think the biggest challenge of an expat after it´s moving here, after many years of living in their native country, is to leave the not so nice things about the way they think, and starting new here. You will never be a true Dutch if you still don´t have the their calm, happiness in living the life, and trying to focus on the things that really matter for you and not on the status.

Crossing borders

Our iPS | Nautech colleagues are working at our offices in Jersey and The Netherlands. We celebrate our multicultural DNA because together we can achieve more. We introduce 3 of our colleagues who live and work in different countries than the country in which they were born. Why did they make their choice? What are the differences they experience? Read their stories.


Kathy Warren

Accounts Manager | Jersey