Interview Jeff Umbach

Profession: Party Manager

When did you start in de industry you are working in and why did you choose this work field?

I started in the industry in the year 2000.  Interest in the seismic industry was sparked when I heard speakers at university talk about the process of Seismic data acquisition, Marine Geophysics, and the adventurous life they had around the world.

What is your current role and on which role did you start?

I am currently sourced from Nautech in the role of Party Manager on a seismic gun boat.


My first role in the industry was as a trainee observer. Which in those days meant starting as a beck deck helper. You had to learn everything from the bottom up no matter which role you were hired for.


My first role for Nautech was SL Node Technician onboard a node handling vessel

When did you get in touch with iPS | Nautech?

I have been in contact with Nautech on and off since 2017 as the industry seems to fluctuate every 7 to 10 years.  Most recently have been with Nautech since January of 2022

Can you tell us more about your rotations you did?

iPS | Nautech’ s first placement for me was onboard a node handling vessel (NHV).


I worked in the role as SL Node Technician for two rotations and it added a wealth of experience as I’ve come from streamer vessel background. So, it was refreshing to experience a new technology and a bonus to learn from the leader in Ocean bottom node development, integrity, and future technology.  (Magseisfairfield)


Since the NHV rotations. I have been sourced from Nautech in the role of Party Manager onboard a seismic gun boat.  I am currently onboard my third rotation which through iPS | Nautech has provided steady work throughout this past year.

Can you tell us more about what kind of projects you were involved in via iPS | Nautech?

Since being placed by iPS | Nautech I have been involved in 5 Ocean bottom node (OBN) projects. All with proprietary agreements not to divulge information.

If you should explain the contact you have with iPS | Nautech, how would you describe it?

This is a good question.  Most people when it comes to contracts think they need to be nearly unintelligible in order to be enforceable. When it’s the opposite.  When entering into an agreement: make sure it plainly says what you’re agreeing to.  A Nautech Contract does just that.


Although many of us look for the 7 essential elements and agreement most have identification offer, acceptance, consideration, meeting of the minds, competency, capacity, and legal.


The Nautech contract has these essentials but for me personally I like the integrity of the Nautech contract based on three elements. The offer and acceptance (what the purpose of the agreement is) along with the consideration (“something of Value”).   It is a clear lay out of what the bargain is- who will do what, when, where, how often and for how much.


Nautech also provides a portal for getting all your documents and information easily so when tax time rolls around. I simply have it all in one place.  The greatest thing is the no nonsense approach that they have compared to other placement companies.  If you tired of having to fill out weekly paperwork and then chasing your supervisor to sign off.  Then get in touch with iPS | Nautech.

What do you find the most inspiring aspect of your work/job?

There is no one particular part or feature for me. It is a combination of several such as finding innovative solutions, shared knowledge, and experiences, able to make an impact, working with great people from all cultures and having flexibility.  One team mentality for continuous improvement.

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